SHMELT Clothing And Design

Hey guys, thanks for all the support through the years. I wanted to make an announcement that I will be continuing to make art and post on here, but I am discontinuing the spray painted clothing I have been doing. I’m going to begin to focus on starting a real brand with professionally made garments. Check out the etsy store at the link below if you want to snatch up some gear before it’s too late. Peace, thanks, and much love!!

Here’s a new canvas I just put out, this one I believe is 18x24” done all in spray paint.

Here’s a new canvas I just put out, this one I believe is 18x24” done all in spray paint.

Working on these new paintings, more on the way!

New pair of custom vans in women’s size 7.5, they have a ton of neon yellow which glows under black light as seen in the last photo. These kicks are sick peep the link at

Getting deeper into the furniture game, check out this new table I did at

New painted table, one of the first in a series of painted furniture pieces that I have in the works. Check it out at

New pair of custom vans with black light photos, check more custom kicks out on my etsy at

Newly developed elephant wrap around with pocket design, peep it on the etsy at

New pair of kicks, I can make these in any size so check them out at the link to see some more pics! Merry Xmas!

I’ve been making a ton of these, check them out on my etsy they’re super steezy!

New pair of custom painted vans, check them out on the etsy at the link above and let me know if you want to get a pair done. The dark photo shows the shoes under black light, they fluoresce because of the neon yellow stencil designs, perfect for wearing at the party. Happy holidays!!

New medium women’s lace shirt, check it out on my etsy at

New Long Cut Rainbow Fractal Beanie with Black Light Photo, check this one and a bunch more out on my etsy at

Just painted myself a fresh new pair of kicks, I’m diggin’ these.

New rainbow leopard print beanie! Check this out on my etsy at